Save The Tooth

June 21, 2016


When a tooth is knocked out! 


Teeth can be knocked out of a person's mouth by various accidents, for example, at home, playgrounds, in sport or motor vehicle accidents. 




What should you do: 

  • Remain calm 

  • Find the tooth 

  • Handle the tooth by the crown only (whiter part)  


If the tooth is clean; replant immediately, use the other teeth as a guide. Have the patient hold the tooth in place with finger pressure or bite on a handkerchief to keep the tooth in place. Seek immediate dental treatment, remember time is critical. 


If the tooth is dirty; Clean and replant as soon as possible. If available, rinse in milk then reimplant. If milk is not immediately available rinse BRIEFLY in cold water or have the patient gently suck the tooth clean and reimplant. Seek immediate dental treatment, remember time is critical. 


If unable to replant; keep the tooth moist by either; placing it completely submerged in Milk ot alternatively sealing it in a plastic wrap (eg Glad Wrap), or placing it in the patients mouth next to the cheek. DO NOT store the tooth in water or detergents. Seek immediate dental treatment, remember time is critical. 

If the tooth appears to be broken; replant in socket or place in milk or plastic wrap. Seek immediate dental treatment, remember time is critical.  


What you must not do: 

  • Do not hold the root surface 

  • Do not scrape or rub the root surface 

  • Do not let the tooth dry out 

  • Do not rinse in water for or than a few seconds 

  • Do not store the tooth in water 

  • Do not delay seeking dental treatment 


What will the dentist do? 

If the tooth has been replanted the dentist will make sure that it is correctly positioned. If its not been replanted, then the dentist will replant it.  

The tooth must be splinted in place for a short time. Your dentist will also examine the mouth for other injuries and advise how to care for the injured tooth. 

Your dentist may also recommend antibiotics and possibly a tetanus booster to prevent infection due to contamination of the tooth and wound. 


The tooth may need further treatment to avoid any further problems developing- your dentist will discuss this with you. 

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