Happy Gas and GA - Managing Anxiety during treatment

Children (and some adults) need special care to ensure that their experience of dental care is positive. We try everything to make sure that your child will not be in pain and will be comfortable in the dental environment. Fortunately we have a range of techniques to make their experience as enjoyable as possible. Each technique has its place and your dentist or therapist will know what is appropriate for each individual child.


Treatment can be challenging for the child, the parent and the dentist. Any treatment takes time and parents should not expect that a child will be able to sit in the dental chair for a long time tolerating treatment like adults might.

Nitrous oxide (happy gas)

Happy gas is an anaesthetic gas that reduces pain and anxiety and works especially well on children who are anxious but still cooperative.

General anaesthesia

Some children will require their treatment to be completed when they are totally asleep, similar to many medical procedures. This may be due to their young age, the type of treatment that is required or the amount of work to be done. This is performed in a hospital setting with specialist paediatric anaesthetists.

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